When we published Alliance 30 - on Zionism and Judaism (GO TO: Alliance 30), we committed to also publishing a Marxist-Leninist analysis of Islamic movements. However in particular the imperialist attacks on Kosova and Serbia dictated our publishing schedules.
    The recent imperialist war on Afghanistan, and the likely forthcoming imperialist war on Iraq -  forces us back to this topic.
    We have already printed our view of the World Trade Center bombing (GO TO: Alliance 44) and a condemnation of the imperialist Afghanistan War (GO TO: Call and Alliance 45) .
    We here publish several materials. The link in these various articles is the revolution in under-developed (colonial and semi-colonial) countries of the "Middle East"; the Pan-Islamic movements and how Marxist-Leninists have dealt with them.
    In an Appendix (as it is tangential but of related interest) we also give a short description of the scattered writings of Marx and Engels on Islam.
    We suggest that this issue is best read in conjunction with Alliance 25: On the Distortion of the Colonial revolution by Khruschevite revisionism; at Alliance 25.
    Navigate this issue via the green-links in the Table of Contents below

  The Table of Contents 
(i) "The Case of Sultan-Galiyev" - by Comrade Bland of the Communist League (UK);was written for the Marxist-Leninist Bureau Report no 3; and presented to the Stalin Society (circa 1994);
(ii) "The Syrian National Revolution - The Role of Khaled Bakdash [or Bagdash]", was first written in 1996 - but not published; this is an extensive re-writing. It is in effect, a history of the Syrian CP and the Ba'th Party.
(iii) "Three Tactics of the Nationalists in the Middle East", contains notes on Egypt Iran and OPEC oil cartel, from an article originally published in response to the Gulf War (See Alliance 2).
(iv) "Notes on Lebanon" - were written by Comrade Bland Communist League (UK) as internal notes for the Communist League & Alliance - in 1984 and were never published before till now.
(v) Enver Hoxha: The Events Which Are Taking Place in The Moslem countries Must Be Seen in the Light of Dialectical and Historical Materialism (article).Written January 1980.
(vi) Appendix One: Marx and Engels on Islam
(vii) Appendix Two - Interview/Statements of the Ba'th Party, showing their mystic anti-communism
(viii) Appendix Three - Comintern Resolutions 1929 on Arabistan