"Marx, Lenin and Stalin On the Jewish Question":
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Several Soviet journals have been cited; but were not read by Alliance; & so these are also cited by the authors used by Alliance to compile the information in this report;

World Wide Web Sites Used In This Report:
1) For several citations on the positions of Jews in Europe especially pre-revolutionary Russa: See ABeyond ThePale@; found at the site:
<> ;
2) For citations from Lenni Brenner=s book: See: Web site of International Secretariat of the War & Holocaust Tales Ancient Amateurs= Association; (WHOTAAAN) in 1996; E-Mail: <>; the book itself is referenced also below;
3) For some citations on cold war and world war II policy of West to USSR; see AA Decade of American Foreign Policy : Basic Documents, 1941-49; Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, Washington, DC: 1950. Found on the WWW: World War II Page WW II Conferences Page; Avalon Home Page: William C. Fray & Lisa A. Spar.
4) For some citations upon the USSR efforts fpr a bomb; Cold War International History Project; Web Site: AResearch Notes: the Russian Nuclear Declassification Project: Setting Up the A-bomb Effort, 1946"; by G. A. Goncharov, N. I. Komov, A. S. Stepanov;
5) For various documents from the USSR archives; here we cite: From A Document On The Web: The Jewish Anti-fascist Committee Jewish in the USSR 21 June 1946: To Comrade M. A. Suslov, Director Section for Foreign Policy Central >Committee of the Communist Party; Site is at: <>
6) For the quotations from Marx on The Jewish Question - analysed in detail in the Appendix; See: <>


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