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Up-dated September 2002.
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Alliance 2. The Gulf War 1991. April 1992: "Gulf War: The USA Imperialists Bid to Regain World Supremacy".

Contains also, materials from Communist League on Gulf War at: Iraq; and Imperialist War; and Invasion of Kuwait.

Alliance 3.  Crisis, Inflation & Keynsian 'solutions' In Capitalism October 1992: "Crisis & Their Solution:  Protectionism, Inflation and Free Trade. Economics of the 20th Century."

Alliance 4. Several articles; around the question of whether or not the USA was now a fascist state: See Organising in USA; and 7th World Congress of the CI; and  Fascism in Italy, and Theses on fascism; and India.

Alliance 5National Revolution in Colonies-India October 1993: The Role of the bourgeoisie in the Colonial Revolution: Changing the Line: The Distortion of the Leninist line by Comintern.

Alliance 6.  Unity in North America; Upon Molotov; Upon Stalin; Canadian State in 1994.

Alliance 7.  Stalin & Ultra-Leftism in Science; Formation of Cominform; death of Trotsky;     Review: Arch Getty Jnr, "Stalinist Terror-New Perspectives"; & A revised and expanded version of:  "Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo: Mexican Mural Art Movement"; (includes materials on Trotsky in exile).

Alliance 8. Programme Communist Party Turkey (ML). Poems Nazim Hikmet; also contained:
Marxist-Leninist Theses On Art, League Socialist Artists, UK(originally 1975).

Alliance 9. International Committee Restoration of Soviet Union; V.Anpilov, N.Andreyeva, Economic Crisis in ex-USSR + "Leningrad Affair-Vosnosensky" W.B.Bland, CL (UK).
(See also: Soviet German War)

Alliance 10 May 1994: Part 1: Seminar "Stalin Today", Moscow, November 5-6th, 1994: On Market Socialism;    Collectivisation & Stalin; Enver Hoxha & Stalin.

Alliance 11  #2: "Stalin Today", Moscow. Cult Personality;  Stalin & Science; Socialism One Country.

Alliance 12: Dimitrov & Bulgaria January 1995: "Dimitrov and the Bulgarian Communist Party".

Alliance 13  Chechnya & Oil: January 1995: "Chechnya-Oil & the divided Russian Capitalists"

Alliance 14     Restoration of Capitalism In The USSR, by W.B.Bland. This was originally web-published by Alliance; For this now - please see sites via the NCML site at: NCMLU (UK). or the MIM in the USA - see MIM web-copy from Alliance's transcript.

Alliance 15     "Stalin's Letters to Molotov"-book review  On: Lenin's "Testament" + Chinese     Revolution 1927 + The British General Strike; and also: "Lenin on Individual Terror".

Alliance 16 Environment; Green versus Red Politics.

Alliance 17 On Revisionist Economics: Vosnosensky and Varga

Alliance 18 Events in Former Yugoslavia and the Roots of Great Serb Chauvinism

Alliance 19: History Internationals April1996; "Towards a New Marxist-Leninist International"

Alliance 20 Heavy and Light Industry: Yeltsin v Zhuganov

Alliance 21  Recent Events in Albania and Kosova

Alliance 22  Marx and Engels on The USA July 1996: "Formation of the USA-  Marx & Engels On Slavery".

Alliance 23  "The Black Nation Theory"; July 1996: "The Black Nation Theory in the USA".

Alliance 24 Applying Marx To Classes Today January 1997: "The Moscow 1996 Seminar on Class; Contributions Alliance; CL (UK); MLCP(Turkey)."

Alliance 25: Khruschev Distorts the Colonial Struggles January 1997: "How Khrushchev Distorted Struggles In The Colonial World. The Strategy of The National Democratic State - An Alliance With Tito-ite Revisionism & International National Bourgeoisie."

Alliance 26 Civil War In Albania

Alliance 27 On Ho Chi Minh and The Vietnamese State

Alliance 28 "Nature of the Indian State" January 1998: "Upon  Recent Polemic Concerning the Stage of the Indian Revolution"; contains materials of Proletarian Path (Calcutta) & Revolutionary Democracy (Delhi).

Alliance 29: Three articles Upon Kosova; "The Struggle in Kosova - By CL 1998"; "Hoxha & Tito"; "Statement of the CP Albania Upon Hysni Milloshi".

Number 30: On Zionism; Marxist Attitude to Jewish State; October 1999: "Marx, Lenin, & Stalin On Zionism; + Jewish Autonomous Republic Birobidzhan; USSR & Israel; The "Doctors' Plot".

Number 32: Kosova Debate with Editions Democrite  May 1999:

Number 33: Demarcation Line: Kosova War June 1999: Thus far only part 6 of 8 parts is on line: "The Real War Aims of the USA and NATO Imperialists".

Number 34: Socialist Labour Party June 2000: "The Socialist Labour Party (UK);"  Upon Nature of Entryism, United Front & Liqidationism.

Alliance 35: The Turkish Marxist-Leninist Movement" August 2000: Notes on the MLCP & the History of the Revoutionary Movement in Turkey"; by Garbis Altinoglu.
(See also: Hizbullah)

Alliance 36: Leading Up To The Storm: Marx & Engels On Russia;  September 2000: "Leading Up to the Storm - The Russian Movement Before the Bolsheviks".

Alliance 37: Turkey's Prisons October 2000: "Freedom To Kill, Of A Terrorist State" - A Summary of the Ordeal of Political Captives in Turkish Prisons"; by Garbis Altinoglu.  

Alliance 38: Obituary To Comrades Jack Shulman (Alliance) & Rex Holliss (New Zealand ML Collective)  Issue, December 200: Introduction; or go to Memoirs Jack Shulman; or go to Rex Holliss on CPNZ ML On Albanian Ramiz Alia Revisionism; & On the Art & Life of Kathe Kollowitz;   

Alliance 39: "Are Scotland and Wales Seperate Nations?"  May 2001: "Marx and Engels on Nationalism: Are Scotland & Wales True Nations?".   

Alliance 40: The United Albanian Communist Party   June 2001: "Recent Articles Upon the National Question in Kosova & Macedonia: Article from the United Albanian Communist Party".

Alliance 41: 'Socialism In One Country'; & 'Permanant Revolution'. June 2001: "Marx & Engels On 'Socialism In One Country'; & 'Permanant Revolution'"

Alliance 42: "Enforced Settlements in The Soviet Union During the Second World War"  
July 2001: Being originally Written by Bland 1993.

Alliance 43 "Partija Rada [Serbia] On Serbia & Macedonia.  August 2001:  "Documents From Partija Rada, Serbia: On Recent History In Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, &  Kosova".

Alliance 44: World Trade Center Air AttackOctober 2001: "Down With USA Imperial  Attempts To Create a New World War!" (See also: "An Assessment of The Trade center Bombing" by Comrade M)

Alliance 45: Afghanistan Imperialist War February 2002: "The Afghanistan War of 2002- The Legacy of USA Imperialism &  Social-Imperialism".

Alliance 46: July 2002; "Reflections On Current Sectarian Forays In The International Movement"; with APPENDIX ONE  Upon the Dimitrov Debate;  &   Some Correspondences on Dimitrov
APPENDIX TWO  The Establishment of ISML and its relationship to the International
Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organisations (Hoxhaist) [ICMLPO(h)] or the
Quito Group; & ii) on "self-criticism".
APPENDIX THREE The Dissolution of the Lenin Committee (Italy)

Alliance 47: August 2002;  "Archives former Soviet Union - Beware of Forgeries"

Alliance 48: August 2002;  Interviews With Representatives Of United Communist Party Albania
Alliance 49: September 2002; Turkish Expansionism & USA-Led Anti-Iraqi War.