Organ of Alliance Marxist-Leninist (North America)
                                Volume 1, Issue 4; April-May 2003 $1.00

A L L I A N C E ! ,A Revolutionary Communist Monthly

    This Issue Includes:
Economics of Imperial War in Iraq; Economics of War:
Murders on the Sands of Iraq - Who Gains From the War and Reconstruction?
Road Map Pentagon Corruption
Diagram Figure of Road Map showing inter-connected corruption
Small Taste of the Arab News Services Arab News
Bombs and Business – go together "like a horse and carriage” Bombs n Business
Continuing Opposition to an Unjust War - Report from Britain by Thom Wakeley
Israeli Forces Attack Peace Activists: Rachel Corrie and Tom Hurndall
Jessica Lynch: A Manufactured "Heroine"? Jessica
More on the UK Firefighters Strike by Thom Wakeley Strike
International Day Mourning for Those Killed or Injured at Work Injury
A Modern Brechtian View of Chicago - a Film review. Chicago
MUSEUM RAVAGED – USA INCITES LOOTING. Who are the Barbarians? Ask the American Council on Cultural Policy (the ACCP) Barbarians
Building the Marxist-Leninst Party by Diego Dos Party
Where We Stand: Bourgeois Elections  Reformism