In 1991, Alliance Marxist-Leninist (North America) was formed and started publishing a theoretical journal. Since then it has certainly survived a climate of sectarian attacks on the left, but also the general anti-left mood of the tail-end of the boom years. It has published to date some 50 issues of a theoretical journal, but also ? but it has participated in a number of developments - small as they are, which are seeds of a more far-reaching process of renewal of the Marxist-Leninist movement internationally. This has taken the tangible shape of the International Struggle Marxist-Leninist. The explicit aims of the founders of Alliance were to act as a non-sectarian focus in order to:     We explicitly stated that the only views barred were those of
    "Liberal or counter Marxist ? Leninist" origin. We fully intend to continue with all of these above as they are all relevant today, in especial we stress that a non-sectarian approach is vital.

    There is however, one significant difference, that has become apparent in the last decade. We are now, at a new stage, as the exposure of certain revisionisms becomes clearer. The differences have become somewhat clearer, or starker. We are now, no longer at a purely broad front stage in party development. In 1991, we were aware of no clear Marxist-Leninist factions, in either the USA or Canada, that were prepared to examine the past and present with un-blinkered eyes. In that time, a nucleus has been built that is composed of honest Marxist-Leninists who irrespective of their prior views ? find themselves in agreement that the following minimal statements are true:

    In no way, do we eschew the honesty of many of those who proclaim that they are "Marxist-Leninist" ? but who profess other "isms" ? e.g. "Maoism"; "Gueveraism"; "Castroism"; "Ho Chi Minh-ism" etc. That is why we believe that in the post-revisionist destruction of the movement, a key tactic in party-building, must be non-sectarianism. We wish, to continue to engage in both United Front action with clearly specified ends; and theoretical debates ? to elucidate what is our true Marxist-Leninist history and our most meaningful forward development.
    Thus we are no longer a ?broad front?. But we are not a party.

    We are still at a pre-party stage. We believe that we are in a situation analogous, to that when Lenin described the tasks facing Iskra in Russia:

    It is in that spirit that the monthly ? "Alliance!" is born. It will be both on-line and in hard copy form.
    The Editorial board consists of: Hari Kumar, Alfonso Casal, Marenglen, and Dita Behn. End.