Organ of Alliance Marxist-Leninist (North America)
                                Volume 1, Issue 5; June-July 2003 $1.00

A L L I A N C E !  A Revolutionary Communist Monthly

    We are intrigued by an article that the Marxist-Leninist left, has not discussed or publicized.  It purports to reveal the bones of what may well have occurred when the USA and the UK forces seized Iraq, without the initial huge ?Allied? bloodshed. Something like the picture it paints is in our opinion very likely true, although the author of that article, himself carefully disclaims responsibility for errors by saying at the end:

    Rabbah contends there were secret negotiations between the USA top brass and the leaders of the Republican Guard (RP) ? the elite troops of Hussein. He reminds us that Donald Rumsfeld claimed early on, in what was dismissed then as propagandist hyperbole ? ?communications? with the RG: Continued on page thirteen.     The USA essentially offered the highest echelon Iraqi traitors free passage to safety outside of Iraq and monies, plus American citizenship and residency to some, and for lower echelon Iraqi traitors transport to ?safe zones? inside Iraq plus monies and promises of roles in the administration of ?liberated? Iraq, in return for     To convince the RG top brass of their sincerity, the USA disclosed to the RG some of the USA?s own agents. These were in large part drawn from the cleverly planted ?human shields?. These human  shields handed over documents explaining the plans whereby:     As is well known there many human shields in Iraq. More than likely, a large proportion of these were genuine humanitarians whose motives and actions were well above board. However, it would be natural for a shrewd intelligence service to plant its agents amongst this throng. Rabbah alleges this occurred:     This enabled the USA forces to fulfill their bargain whereby the traitors from the RG would be ferried out of Iraq to a new haven.             Conclusion

    These events depicted by Rabbah are as yet unproven. However the general sense they embrace is quite plausible. It is significant that since May 1, when President Bush declared the war at an end, there has been no end to the deaths of  American soldiers. Undoubtedly, with the higher echelons safely removed from the battle, the rank and file soldiery  have not quietly withdrawn from battle.  The quagmire gets bloodier as the national liberation war continues.