Organ of Alliance Marxist-Leninist (North America)
                                Volume 1, Issue 3; February 2003 $1.00

A L L I A N C E !  A Revolutionary Communist Monthly

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                                                          Never Again War!               We Demand Peace!

Introducing This Issue  Introduction 1
Stalin: Myth and Reality     Stalin Myth 1
Iraq War & Kurdistan Kurdistan 4
The Cult Of The Individual Individual Cult 6
International Womens' Day  IWD 10
Stalin Remembered    Various Authors        13
    Paul Robeson  Robeson
    W.E.B.DuBois DuBois
    V.M.Molotov  Molotov
      Enver Hoxha   Hoxha
Voices Rebellion     Rebellion
    Rosa Luxemburg
    Alxandra Kollantai
"Which Side are You On?" - 'Celebrities' on the War 16
Stalin at the Movies -     Review     17
Where Do We Stand?
"When Did the USSR become Capitalist?" USSR 19
 Poem: "Song For Stalin"
    By Nicolas Guillen        27