May 2010:  The archives of the former Alliance ML  site are once again available online.  Restoration and improvement of the site is ongoing.  Migration to our new domain resulted in broken links, aesthetic issues and other anomalies.  We are aware of these issues and we sincerely hope any such problems will be rectified in due course as we continue to improve the organization and presentation of all respective documents.

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Welcome to
Alliance, at the web-site of Marxist-Leninist Review (MLR).

two soviets The Alliance M-L site started July 2001 through ‘Yahoo! Geocities’.
Our pages were pulled suddenly, with no explanation in June 2001 after having received over 15,000 visitors at that site.

In 2003 we obtained the domain site name of 

In 2009 our domain was purchased with no notification to us, by a company. This has led to a vacuum of our web-presence for several months, and we apologise for this.
However, in January 2010 we migrated our files to a new server under the title:
“Marxist-Leninist Review” (MLR), which has a set of web-pages. We explain on the web-pages for MLR, our reasons for a change of name of this organisation.

We have not changed our overall purpose and retain the goals of Alliance as set out below.

Catalogue of Writings from Alliance (1989 to present)

The archives of Alliance ML are under reconstruction.  We are working to re-post as much material as possible from all previous incarnations of the Alliance ML site.

Our Goals

We were established in 1989, by former members of the Albania-USA Friendship Society and have regularly published the newspaper Alliance. This examines the politics and history of the Marxist-Leninist Movement for the purpose of re-building a Marxist-Leninist movement in both North America and internationally. Our purpose is to promote a principled, non-sectarian unity between Marxist-Leninist forces in both the USA and Canada.

A Brief History

We are strongly linked to the Communist League of Britain (CL), which arose to fight the so-called "Peaceful Road To Socialism"; in which the revisionists of the British CP cravenly followed in the steps of Khruschev. This was formed and was lead by Comrade Bill Bland up till his death in 2001. We include several key CL articles.

Both the CL and Alliance have long argued that a dispassionate international debate amongst Marxist-Leninists is essential to clarify the historical positions of Marxist-Leninists.

Consistent with those aims, the CL began to work with the "National Committee for Marxist Leninist Unity"; (NCMLU)(UK) and we will feature some of their materials on this site. Both the CL and Alliance have long considered that Albania under Enver Hoxha's leadership did develop socialism. Consistent with that, the CL and Allliance have fully supported the former People's Socialist Republic of Albania.

Unless we can collectively understand OUR past -- and especially how and when international revisionism was able to finally destroy the two socialist states of the Soviet Union following the death of Stalin, and the People's Socialist Republic of Albania after the death of Hoxha -- we will not successfully build a new Marxist-Leninist International.

In Canada, Alliance has a sister organization, Canadian Class Struggle.

It should be noted that we are a supporter of the international grouping named International Struggle Marxist Leninist (ISML).  ISML is a non-sectarian grouping open to all who believe themselves to be Marxist-Leninists. Their Founding Principles call explicitly for a principled debate amongst the world's Marxist-Leninists. It is to be found on their home page.

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