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Classes in Modern Britain   April 1966

Lebanon (Unpublished Notes)   circa 1987

The "Cult of the Individual" (1932-1953)   May 1991

The "Doctors' Case" and the Death of Stalin  October 1991

Two Unpublished Letters on Dimitrov  1991/1995

Book Review: Molotov's Memoirs  October 1993

Class Struggles in China: A Marxist-Leninist Alalysis of Mao Tse-tung  Revised Version - 1997

The "Nation of Islam": The "Moorish Science Organisation"  circa 1998

On the Coups and Counter-Coup in Georgia  December 1998

The Market Under Socialism  date unknown

Stalin's Writings (Notes Regarding the Use of the Word "Sectarianism")  
date unknown

Sectarianism (Notes)  date unknown

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La Vida Albania:  Enver Hoxha, Estadista de Tall Mundial (1985) & En Defensa de Enver Hoxha (1993)

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