The 'Nation of Islam' arose indirectly out of an organisation called the 'Moorish Science Organisation', established in Newark, New Jersey, USA, in 1913, by one Timothy Drew, who had been born in North Carolina in 1886. Drew changed his name to 'Noble Drew Ali'. (Clifton E. Marsh: 'From Black Muslims to Muslims: The Resurrection, Transformation and Change of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam in America: 1930-1995'; Lanham (USA); 1996; p. 29).     This proclaimed that 'Noble Drew Ali' was:     and that black Americans were in fact     forming     Drew also     and taught that there was     In March 1929 'Noble Drew Ali' was     but,     In July 1930,     Fard was     He claimed:     Those members of the 'Moorish Science Organisation'     broke away to     and establish     otherwise known as the 'Black Muslims'.
      In early 1934,     He was succeeded as leader of the 'Nation of Islam' by Robert Poole, a former car worker, the son of a Baptist minister, who had been born in Sandersville, Georgia, in October 1897.
(Charles Van Doren (Ed.): 'Webster's American Biographies'; Springfield (USA); 1974; p. 749).

    Poole had moved to Detroit in 1923 and had eventually become

    as     and:     Elijah Muhammad     and a mythology which taught that:     and proclaimed     Under Elijah Muhammad's leadership, the 'Nation' advocated     advocating:     Membership of the 'Nation' was     but in 1965 was     Its headquarters, the 'Temple of Islam', were:     Under Elijah Muhammad, the 'Nation':     and in their place adopt     Members of the sect were:     Women were accorded     Male members were:     This small army of male followers was:     The 'Nation'     and a 'University of Islam', providing education for students in grades 4 to 12. Later, the university was known as the 'Clara Muhammad School', after Elijah Muhammad's wife.
(Clifton E. Marsh: ibid.; p. 43).

    Under Elijah Muhammad, thrift and accumulation were:

    and he put forward a:     On the basis of members' contributions, he     Every member was     particularly with enterprises owned by the 'Nation'. As a result, Elijah Muhammad became     but was criticised from the Left     These enterprises gave employment or petty bourgeois status to many members of the 'Nation of Islam', thus binding them to the 'Nation' by economic as well as religious bonds. However.     that is, to Elijah Muhammad. By the 1970s, his assets had grown to constitute     and his family became known as     By the 1970s, the 'Nation of Islam' had grown to     Upon Elijah Muhammad's death in February 1975, he was succeeded by his son Wallace D. Muhammad, who had been born in Detroit in October 1933. (Clifton E. Marsh: op. cit.; p. 13, 67. 69).

    Wallace had previously been excommunicated several times by his father, according to Wallace

    Wallace changed the name of the 'Nation of Islam' to the 'World Community of Al-Islam in the West' (WCIW), and his own name to Warith Deen Muhammed. (Clifton E Marsh: 115, 102).

    More important, he began

    Thus, the WCIW practised:     Wallace also     and abandoned     and with it the demand for a separate state within the United States, (Matthias Gardell: ibid.; p. 112),

    Members were now instructed:

    Black Americans were now called by the WCIW:     and     Furthermore, he:     built up under his father's regime.
    These changes     In the spring of 1980, Wallace changed the name of the 'World Community of Al-Islam in the West' to     and in late 1987 he dropped this name,     Some members of the former 'Nation of Islam' were strongly opposed to the changes introduced by Wallace Muhammad. The movement of resistance was headed by Louis X, who had been born Louis Walcott in May 1933 and had become     Walcott had     in February 1955.

    Louis X had written:

    Because of his opposition to Wallace Muhammad's changes, in November 1977
Louis X     Taking the name 'Louis Farrakhan', Louis X now announced     Farrakhan     In this     He     Under Farrakhan, the new weekly newspaper of the 'Nation of Islam' is called:     The membership of the revived 'Nation' is predominantly     Today the 'Nation' owns:         'Self-Help'

    Under Farrakhan's leadership, the 'Nation of Islam' continued

    Members     so that the 'Nation' has again become     The 'Nation', which:     while its clinic in Washington DC     On the positive side, the 'Nation of Islam'     This reputation has been turned to financial advantage. Security firms affiliated to the 'Nation'     The 'Nation of Islam' Security Agency,     and     and     Farrakhan     Farrakhan himself     Right-wing Political Views

    Not surprisingly, Tony Robson, of the anti-fascist magazine 'Searchlight', says of the 'Nation':

    Farrakhan's political views are indeed close to those of right-wing Republicans. Like them he     Under his leadership, the 'Nation'     and denounces it in particular:     It     and wants     and demands the death penalty for             Political Abstention

    Continuing the abstentionist policies pursued under the leadership of Elijah Muhammad, members of Farrakhan's 'Nation of Islam'


    The discrimination against women practised under Elijah Muhammad has been accentuated under Louis Farrakhan. Men

    and women     'Nation of Islam' rallies     Since January 1994,     In March 1994,     In October 1995,     This event,     was one:             Racism

    Under Farrakhan, the 'Nation of Islam' has revived the racism of Elijah Muhammad. In her autobiography, Sonsyrea Tate describes the racist ideas about white people she received as a 'Nation of Islam' child in Washington:

    Farrakhan     Indeed, the 'Nation's propaganda on whites is     about black people.

    Under Farrakhan, the 'Nation' has revived the demand for:

    and one of Farrakhan's principal aims is:     In Britain in 1987,     In the mid-1980s, the 'Nation of Islam'             Anti-Semitism.

    Apart from anti-white racism, the 'Nation of Islam' under Farrakhan indulges in virulent anti-Semitism. Since the mid-1980s,

    In 1991,     In 1985, Farrakhan told a black audience:     Robson affirms that     Indeed, Farrakhan is on record as saying that Jews     In July 1998, Donu Kogbara wrote:     and refers to     Mainly as a result of representations by Jewish organisations Farrakhan     The ban     In November 1993, Khalid Muhammad, a leading member of the 'Nation of Islam"', referred to Jews     He accused the     Following widespread complaints about the speech, in February 1994 Farrakhan demoted Khalid Muhammad"; ('Sunday Times', Section 9, 7 August 1994; p. 4).

    Nevertheless, Farrakhan

    since he                 Fascism

    Chips Berlet, of 'Political Research Associates', says:

    The 'Nation of Islam' has revived the 'Fruit of Islam' as its uniformed storm troopers, which are run along military lines. ('Independent' Magazine, 26 July 1997; p. 25).
    It is composed of     'Fruit' members     and     After he had left the 'Nation', Malcolm X told a press conference:     Indeed, John X Ali     In Britain, the 'Nation of Islam'     when     Today it has     Together with:     The 'Nation's London headquarters are situated     and it owns     Since its foundation,     Jamaican-born Hugh Chester Jones, now known as 'Leo Muhammad', is Farrakhan's     where there is published


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