We are honoured to announce the birth of a new Journal :
    "INTERNATIONAL STRUGGLE - Marxist-Leninist".

The task of the journal is to analyse, debate and clarify, on the basis of Marxism-Leninism's exact principles and within the Communist movement, the major theoretical, political, economic and social questions thrown up that face the world's proletarians, toilers and the conscientious working people. The fundamental aim of the journal is to defend and spread Marxist-Leninist revolutionary theory; to assist the birth of new revolutionary historical eras; to fight against any revisionist and opportunist deviations within the working peoples's and communist movements; finally, it aims to work for the unity of the Marxist-Leninist movement into order to move to the establishment of a new Communist Marxist-Leninist International.

The journal aims to form a common revolutionary, political platform for the Marxist-Leninist groups, organisations and parties in the world, who will take part in this editorial initiative, for theoretical discussion and to exchange their experience of revolutionary struggle.

Especially today, when there is a resurgence of imperialist economic and military dominance all over the world; with the super-exploitation of labour for super profits from invested capitals; with the violent oppression and super-exploitation of under-developed countries; and the destruction of nature; with the fostering of racism, nationalist war and even fascism - it is necessary and urgent to obtain the unity in action of the International Marxist-Leninist movement.

Only this latter Unity can stop the advance of capitalist and imperialist barbarism, only this can avoid the danger of a third inter-imperialist world war, and only this can prepare the new proletarian revolutions for the final victory of Socialism all over the world.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union from socialism under J.V.Stalin; into capitalist restoration under N.Khrushchev, the world's workers and poor toilers have struggled to re-establish the international proletarian and toilers movement. But there remain, many contradictory views and "camps", in the Marxist-Leninist left.

Many recent meetings of Marxist-Leninists, have recognised the need for a New International. Yet, despite the urgent need and desire of an International, the truth is that the communist movement is divided into many contradictory camps, which are incapable of discussing and debating. Sectarianism not only divides the movement but acts as a brake for the theoretical development of the movement. The main enemy we must fight and defeat, that Marx and Engels had to fight against, is still revisionism. Revisionism is born and spread from capitalism, and the bourgeois culture of egoism and individualism. Unfortunately revisionism has survived inside the communist movement, and this has caused the defeat of the first experience of Socialism.

In the construction of socialism, class struggle and dictatorship of the proletariat must form a new material socialist basis; that will move quickly to eject bourgeois culture from the minds of men and women. Only this can and will prevent bourgeois culture arising again.

Before the workers and poor peasants of the world can come together in a new International, they must understand and write their own history of the last 150 years; and they must answer politically and in a revolutionary manner the new problems that arise out of historical development. Of course the Marxist-Leninist analysis of the capitalist process of production and of the revolutionary road of the proletariat in order to smash and bury capitalism once and for all - will always be valid and relevant.

In such a situation it is impossible to build an international unless the communists prove capable of organising at the least, an international forum where theoretical differences can be aired and debated. They must answer the Question:

The Editorial Board of "INTERNATIONAL STRUGGLE - Marxist-Leninist", holds that without such a firm theoretical and historical clarity, it will be impossible to form a principled "United" International. At a critical stage in the development of the Russian Communist movement, Comrade Lenin called for "LINES OF DEMARCATION": "We declare that before we can unite and in order that we may unite we MUST first of all draw firm and definite lines of demarcation as Iskra demands".
(Works Vol 5; Moscow 1977; p.367).
These "Lines of Demarcation" are required now, more than ever before. These lines can only be drawn by a scientific and clear debate aimed at answering the questions above.

The answers to these central questions will undoubtedly assist us in taking up the challenges of all the theoretical questions thrown up by the world today. These theoretical questions include the development of global finance capital, which has taken advantage of the weakness of the world proletariat in the wake of the victory of the world revisionist movement.

"INTERNATIONAL STRUGGLE-Marxist-Leninist" is an international forum created by Marxist-Leninist organisations the world over, to organise non-sectarian debate on these urgent theoretical questions facing the Marxist-Leninist movement.

Ultimately we aim to assist the formation of a NEW COMMUNIST, MARXIST-LENINIST INTERNATIONAL, by promoting and fostering a open, reasoned, scientific debate between those who consider themselves Marxist-Leninists.

Appropriately enough, "INTERNATIONAL STRUGGLE- Marxist-Leninist" was formed by a democratic decision, at a Conference in December 1995; honouring the Centenary of the death of FREDERICK ENGELS. As co-founders of Historical Materialism and of the First International Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, jointly set the World's Workers on the only possible road to their full freedom.

This Conference was convened by "L'UGUAGLIANZA" ["Equality"] of Italy, and held in Ischia on December 1995. At this meeting, representatives of parties and groups; from 11 countries attended to present views on the RELEVANCE OF ENGELS FOR TODAY, and to assist in the eventual formation of a new Marxist-Leninist International. Below is listed the Editorial Board's EDITORIAL PRINCIPLES of operation. In recognition of the centenary of the death of Engels, Master of the international proletariat and one of the co-founders of our great movement, the first two issues will be largely devoted to the papers that were presented at the meeting.

MARCH 1996


1. We proudly uphold the following points of Marxist-Leninist principles, and believe that they form the minimum, agreed basis to unite ALL who call themselves Marxist-Leninists for the purpose of bringing out an international theoretical, political and revolutionary journal:

a) Defence and consistent upright acknowledgement of Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Stalin's thoughts and works, and of the consistent contribution to the theory and strategy of Marxism-Leninism by other Marxist-Leninist leaders.

b) Upholding the Revolutionary road to Socialism; and not the so called "Peaceful Road".

c) Recognition of the necessity of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat to first achieve, and then to maintain socialism; and then to advance towards communism till its complete establishment.

d) On the one hand full support of the principle of the national rights of minorities including secession; and, on the other hand upholding the importance of the political autonomy of the proletariat from the nationalist leadership in national movements.

e) Upholding and spreading the culture of dialectic and historical materialism against the idealistic one, and the revolutionary policy inside the working people's movement.

f) Abhorrence and complete rejection, and determined struggle against all forms of racism; casteism, and sexism.

2. It is important that the journal involve all the groups who consider themselves Marxists-Leninist. For that reason the Editorial Board will try to contact al the Marxist-Leninist groups, organisation and parties who accept the Founding Principles Clause (1). The Editorial Board has the task to inform them about the journal and to encourage them to take part in its production and circulation and to attend the next conference. This conference is open to attendance by more than one organisations from those countries where the Marxist-Leninist Party has not yet been re-constructed.

3. Until an open debate has achieved the clarity and the principled agreement that is required by the international Marxist-Leninist movement, no new, principled and meaningful Communist International can be formed. That is why a prominent section of "International Struggle" will be the "Discussion and Reply" section. The Editors will be scrupulously fair to all points of view that conform to clause (1). That is to say, we guarantee that ALL Marxist-Leninists will be able to have a written and printed reply, either on the basis of their own, or, on their party's, or group's behalf. Moreover, the Editors are mandated to ensure that a scientific, non-sectarian debate proceeds on MARXIST-LENINIST LINES. That is, a debate that is conducted on principled and factual lines; and eschews personality attacks, or character assassination.

4. The only views that will not be tolerated in the journal are those that are openly anti-Marxist-Leninist. They include openly racist, bourgeois revisionist views. Only one exception to this will be permitted; that will be where the editors take a joint decision that such an article, carried a valuable lesson to the Marxist-Leninist movement, and needed exposing by printing. Such cases will always be appended with a covering Editorial.

5. The editors number 5, including a Chief Editor. The current founding board has been decided by democratic election. Their mandate is for 12-18 months by which time, a new Conference will be held. At this Conference all decisions, elections, and functions can be re-discussed. All groups will carry one vote at this forthcoming Second Conference. New elections will be held for the new Editorial Board.

6. The languages of "INTERNATIONAL STRUGGLE - Marxist-Leninist", are initially only two : English and Italian. This is purely a practical consideration at this time. At this stage, participating groups and parties will have their own responsibility to translate the journal into their own other, significant languages. With further consolidation of our strength, we will be able to later assist this translation process.

7. Donations are required for the journal; but these do not confer any editorial privilege.

8. We are fully agreed that a new Marxist-Leninist Communist International is urgently needed. As LINES OF DEMARCATION are drawn, we wish to assist at the right time, in the formation of such a single, truly united Marxist-Leninist Communist International.

We request Marxist-Leninists the world over to participate in this journal.

We ask that views be forwarded to the chief editor at the address below. We further ask, that these submissions be in both paper form and, if possible computer disc form IBM compatible. Of course, if the latter is impossible, then we will accept articles in only written form.


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