By Members of International Struggle Marxist-Leninist


    At times of war - whether a war is declared or undeclared, Marxist-Leninists must be especially vigilant, and must not be misled by the profuse propaganda that erupts from all sides. Accordingly, the organisations-parties listed below, wish to make two main points about the current crisis in Europe. The parties listed are all represented on the editorial board of International Struggle Marxist-Leninist.
    FIRSTLY, we strongly condemn the barbarous war of aggression waged by
the United State of America and the other NATO imperialist states. This war openly violates the United Nation Charter and indeed the NATO statutes, and rides roughshod over all the rules of International Law, against Serbia. Serbia is a sovereign state which has not made an act of overt aggression against them.
    The military attack against Serbia shows once more the ferocious nature of North American and European imperialism and the true essence of Nato, which is a military instrument always well-trained to guarantee the undisputed control of the world markets to western financial capital.
    The rivalries of the USA and of the European imperialists have temporarily been diminished as a series of events have recently retarded and weakened the more determined and more "Eurocentrist" of the EEC capitalists. These various events, include the exposure of corruption of the Council of Ministers, the resignation in Germany of Oskar Lafontainne, and the blatant sycophancy of the Blair government in Britain to the USA. This weakening of the most determined anti-USA section of the EEC capitalist class, has facilitated the joint USA-NATO
attack, at this time.
    The reasons given by the USA-led NATO imperialists in order to justify their aggression are deeply hypocritical and false. The imperialists do not aim at all at "defend" and "protect" Kosova people, but in contrast, they aim to ensure for themselves a total, economic and political control of the Balkans. The easiest way for them to ensure this is to allow a continuing tension on the ground in the Balkans, to simmer into repetitive flames. This is precisely what they have done in the Balkans over the last years.

    Thus far, most organisations-parties who call themselves Marxist-Leninists will agree. We must however point out a Second Matter, which has received inadequate attention.
    The national liberation struggle of the Kosova people, even if at present it is not directed by communist forces, is a just struggle and must be backed by everyone who is for the Marxist-Leninist point of view and for the fundamental interests of international proletariat. This includes the interests of the Serbian proletariat - who should heed the call of Marx and Engels to the British workers. Marx and Engels said, the British workers would never gain their liberty until they actively fought for the rights of self-determination of the Irish.
    The claws of modern day imperialism first raked across Kosova, at the London Conference of 1912 following the defeat of the Turkish Ottoman empire. Then the imperialists "largely ignored demographic realities and.. and ceded the vast region of Kosova to Serbia". During the Second World War, the right of Kosova people to self-determination was recognized not only by the Communist Party of Albania but also by the Communist Party of Yugoslavia. At the First Conference of National
Council of Liberation of Kosova, held at Bujan in December 1943/January
1944, a resolution was approved. This, after recognizing that Kosova was:

    Upon the basis of this resolution, the Albanian partisans united with the Yugoslav partisans in the armed struggle to free the Yugoslav soil from the Nazi occupation.
But after the end of the war the revisionist leadership of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia, who brought forward a nationalist, not Marxist-Leninist, policy, violated the commitments taken at the Conference of Bujan, didn't grant self-determination to Kosova people and kept Kosova region within the boundaries of the new Federal Yugoslavia.
    During the Tito years the region has always been exploited in a colonial way, being a producer of raw materials, by the bourgeoisie of the Federation richer regions.
    After the Federal Yugoslavia disintegration, the new constitution of the Serbian Republic, in force since September 1990, abolished almost entirely the administrative autonomy granted to the Kosova region by the 1974 Yugoslav Constitution. In October 1991 the Kosova Assembly -labeled "illegal" by the bourgeois and nationalist Serbian government of Slobodan Milosevic organised a popular referendum on the matter of regional sovereignty. 87% of Kosova population took part in it, and 99.87% voted for Kosova sovereignty.
    In reaction to the heavy, and brutal repression of the nationalist Serbian government against their repeatedly declared will for liberation, the Kosova people, during the years of the 1990s, intensified and spread their resistance up to armed struggle.
    The under-signed organisation-parties, express total support to the national liberation struggle of the Kosova people who, in accordance to the Marxist-Leninist principle of self-determination for peoples, have their right to bring forward, whatever strategic and tactical steps that this struggle may need; up to separation from Serbia and to the attainment of their complete national independence.
    The under-signed organisation-parties, condemn the actions of the brutal
Milosovic inspired aggressions aimed at de-populating and reversing the demographic reality of Kosovar-Albanian majority in Kosova.
    We must however point out to the Kosovar working class and peasantry, that supporting the US and NATO led imperialist bombing war in the North of the former Yugoslavia - once more ties their fate to that of the imperialists. The imperialist Treaty of London divided Albania into two, and "gave" Kosova to the Serbs. Relinquishing now their freedom struggle to imperialist USA and NATO - would lead the Kosovar people into yet another, and equally tragic blind alley.
    Therefore we criticise the calls of the Kosovar Liberation Army in calling for support of the NATO strikes - both before and since the start of air-strikes - as a grave mis-understanding of how to achieve real nationhood and meaningful
    For the Kosovar people - such calls to NATO leadership, can only retard
their main and final goal - socialism. If for the Serbian peoples it is necessary to repudiate their bourgeois leader's suppression of Kosova independence - the corollary for the Kosovar working peoples is to understand that national liberation of oppressed peoples involves a struggle against imperialism, as well as a struggle against the immediate oppressors.     All progressive peoples should recognise the validity of both these aspects. If only the first aspect (ie condemning NATO aggression)is adopted, this will not ensure either the future peace on the Balkans, nor will it assist any of the peoples of the Balkans whether Serbian, Bosnian, Macedonian or Kosovar to abolish capitalism and establish socialism.